Our tours

„To Potsdam, you have to go to Potsdam to be happy“ (Frederick the Great, 1756)


  • We offer walks in Potsdam for you
  • We also accompany you on your tours by bike, bus, boat, water taxi or tram
  • Do you still need bicycles or a bus? We recommend rental and rental stations
  • We also accompany you as a tour guide on your coach
  • We run in German and English (on request also in Spanish and Russian)
  • Personally & individually (1-10 persons, larger groups possible on request)
  • We all have a special tour guide certification  
  • Price: 60 € per hour, including VAT for a group of 10 persons or accompying your bus - please call us for a special price if you come alone or with a smaller group 
  • You can take our tour suggestions, we also would be pleased to plan tours according to your wishes