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Military Potsdam

The Soldier King and his famous guard "Long Guys", proud royal guards regiments, Wehrmacht barracks, the victorious Red Army in Potsdam. And today important location of headquarters and agencies od German armed forces and NATO. Potsdam was and still is an important location of German military history.

Come and discover military history:

  • the arise of the Prussian military state and his arrogance
  • rearmement by Nazis and the decline of German militarism
  • Soviet occupation at original places in the former garrison town Potsdam


We would like to offer you three different tours - as described below. Your guide for all these tours will be


Johannes Heinen

Fone: +49 178 872 5054



The Dutch quarter

The Soldier King´s Potsdam

The young king Friedrich Wilhelm I expands Potsdam. A small town in the swampy banks of the Havel river becomes his preferred residence.

  • Follow the energetic ruler into the baroque expansion of the city
  • Walk along the city canal to the city gates
  • Get to know a religious and gracious ruler who made built the Garrison Church and military orphanage
  • Stroll through his most famous work, the Dutch Quarter



Landtag Palace, construction site  Garrison Church, military orphanage, Jäger gate, Dutch Quarter, Basin Place

Duration: about 2 hours


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Military Orphanage

Garrison Church



Shooting range Katharinenholz

Antique Shooting Ranges in front of Potsdam´s gates

Shooting - Celebrating - Remembering in Katharinenholz

Between mighty beeches and oaks soldiers of the Prussian Army, the Reichswehr and the Soviet Army trained their markmanship.Remaining backstops and walls impress even today.

Frederic William IV, the romantic king in Prussian dynasty, designed his retirement residence in the vicinity of Katharinenholz.The striking Devil´s Bridge was to connect his residence to Sanssouci Park.

In the woods we find some pieces of the memorial of the most famous regiment in the Prussian army: the 1st Guard Infantry Regiment.

On saturdays shooting matches were arranged - and the winners were decorated at the local restaurant.


Walk: duration 1,5 hours

Cycling Tour: duration 1 hour



Memorial for Soviet soldiers

Potsdam - Soldiers, Barracks and Training areas

During the 18th century soldiers were almost quartered in the inner city of Potsdam. When expanding the army, establishing cavalry regiments, performing manouevres, barracks outside the coty walls were needed.

Striking buildings with imposing facades were erected around Potsdam, symbolizing the self confodence of the Royal Prussian Army. After her decline German Reichswehr, Nazi-Wehrmacht and finally the Soviet Army moved in.

After the German Reunification troops were withdrawn. Potsdam had to face great challenges. On our tour we will show you what happened with the remnants of military usage. Old architecture was renovated true to original, new scientific and universal institutes moved in, housing areas were ercted on former drill grounds. We will discover hidden hints on the military usage i.e. graffities of the Soviet soldiers.


Cycling Tour: duratoin 3,0 hours