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From the heart of the city to "Little Amsterdam"

Old Market

We start in the heart of the city on the Old Market, which essentially owes its shape to Frederick the Great with the state parliament (Landtag), the St Nicholas Church, the old town hall and the Museum Barberini as a place of art and culture.

A short walk takes you across the Unity Place to the Basin Square, where a market is held daily. In this area, many buildings remind us of how important and crucial religious tolerance was for the development of Potsdam - or as Frederick the Great put it: "every man must go to heaven in his own way".

From there we turn directly to "Little Amsterdam" - into the Dutch Quarter, which was built by Dutch craftsmen. There you will find numerous cafes (including the best cheesecake or chocolate in the city), restaurants, studios and many small shops - a popular district for people who are looking for something special. Here you can have a break or take some time to stroll through this lively area.

Short Walk

Old Market, Unity Place, Basin Square, Dutch Quarter, Nauen Gate


Duration: about 1,5 hrs

Long Walk

Old Market, New Market, City Canal, Basin Square, Dutch Quarter, Nauen Gate

Duration: about 2,5 hrs